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  • Devote to safety and health
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  • generac emergency generator
  • LPガス非常用発電機による電力ピークカット
  • LPガス非常用発電機で病院・診療所の非常用電源を確保
  • 非常用発電機で老人ホーム・介護施設の非常用電源を
  • TEDOMのガスコージェネレーション

devote to safety and health

Develop “safety meeting”

CA Plant devotes to no disaster and develops “safety meeting” actively.
Solution scheme on safety meeting shall be noticed to all offices around the country for popularization so that it can improve the safety awareness of workers to prevent disaster.
<Content of safety meeting>

1.On management plan and disaster preventative solution

In safety and health activity, it shall fully obey related codes on labor safety and health and internal safety and health management rules of the Plant. By taking risk and hazard survey (risk assessment) on working place and implementing safety education throughout all stages of the whole life in working place, takes safety measures of eliminating risk on machinery equipments and actions as guideline, propose the safety and health policy aiming at forming safety and comfortable working environment, and make the management plan according it.
In management plan, implement “risk assessment”, “events”, “5S action”, and “Kiken Yochi (KY) activity”, and carry out the independent safety activity proposed zero accident index.

2.Corporate responsibility

Social responsibility of the corporation not only is to obey related rules to become a reliable enterprise, but also includes the corporate internal regulations, other rules, social codes, common sense, and social custom to contribute to the society through practical practice, which is defined as social responsibility. It is indispensable for corporate healthy development to prevent disaster, which is the foundation to ensure safety and health of staff and keep harmony with regional residents. CA Plant is taking effort to ensure safety and health of labor and accelerate the establishment of comfortable working environment in accordance with related codes.