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4 characteristics of CA Plant

Pioneer of comprehensive management

Extend comprehensive managementWith zero release of waste treatment facilities, the process and structure of these facilities are complex increasingly, and the operation and maintenance management are more complex, so it needs sufficient understand, knowledge and experience, and practical achievement on the process of these facilities, system design, and function.
Since starting the business, CA Plant has engaged in debugging of waste treatment facilities actively all the time, therefore, it has obtained rich achievements both on previous structure facility and the newest facility.
“Comprehensive management” is proposed to predecessors to get their trust in order to achieve the comprehensive operation and management. Nowadays, there are more than 20 maintenance and management stations all over the country.

Independent system of the enterprise

Independent system of the enterpriseIt can supply the product without manufacture and series and fair and independent service and solution unrestricted by the series, and can improve the efficiency and reduce management cost actively and industriously. It takes effort to provide better service through skill, technology, professional knowledge, and technical information obtained from rich debugging achievements of environmental facilities and maintenance and management achievements of related facilities.

Strong technology strength

Strong technology strengthFrom efficiency improvement and cost reduction, outsourcing service on operation of existing environmental facilities is becoming the main trend gradually. Management of these facilities requires high technology strength and problem solving ability. On account of it, CA Plant solves it by high technology and effective cost reduction solution obtained from rich debugging achievements and management achievements of environmental facilities.
As an independent professional maintenance enterprise, experience on using equipments from various manufactures of the CA Plant is not only on equipment operation, but also can develop the commission business on proposal, solution, and cost reduction solution.
In addition, rich database of high regional support ability and various equipments as well as their operations accumulated from wide facility support and nationwide business development is also a characteristic of CA Plant.

Execution and talent

Execution and talentPerson who is responsible for operation and maintenance management of environmental facilities must have authentic awareness and sense of responsibility on the business as well as convincing qualification.
CA Plant is engaging in it actively. It develops actively the skill improvement, qualification acquisition, and qualification test and examination through independent corporate internal training system, and qualification acquisition support through national examination.
Besides these qualifications, it accumulates many talents with debugging experiences on the newest various environmental facilities to be valuable asset of the CA Plant to take high effective operation and maintenance management on environmental facilities in many areas.
Debugging experiences on various equipments of the Plant is not only on debugging, but also sort out the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of these equipments which are applied in solution of their works, operations, and cost reductions. The Plant gets trust with guidelines of “reliable operation management”, “cost reduction”, “long service life of facility and equipment”, and “effective comprehensive management”.