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solar power generation

Solar power generation

It is the responsibility of engaging environmental facility and environmental problem, so we are engaging in the solution of global warming, that is, to reduce the CO2 emission.
Therefore, we take eyes to renewable sources, i.e. solar power generation to protect beautiful earth. As supplier or client-side systematic planner, the Plant provides environment-friendly products and services.

Solar power generation system

Solar power generation system has many characteristics. It is critical for client to survey what characteristics it has and which system is applicable.
CA Plant cooperates with large-scale manufacture of high-quality solar power system and proposes optimal solar power generation system in accordance with client’s demand and field survey.
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Examples of solar power generation works

Examples of solar power generation worksSolar power generation construction must be trusted to a reliable company.
CA Plant takes full responsibility from field survey before commencement to completion of the work construction taken by installing and certificating technicians of solar power generation system of various manufactures to provide satisfied construction service so that you can trust the construction trustingly.

After-sale service and after-sale maintenance

After-sale service and after-sale maintenanceSolar power generation of CA Plant has “10-year guarantee”.
Besides, the Plant can take periodical examinations free of charge for three times in the first, fifth, and ninth year after set so that you can use the solar power generation system reliably and safely.