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Business scope

Operation and maintenance management of water-supply facilities

In order to supply safer tap water, the Plant takes effort to develop proper effective management and preventative measures to avoid any accident.

Operation and maintenance management of sewage facilities

In order to play the treatment ability of the facilities fully, it is very important to control the sewage property and to control the all processing steps and state of treating water.
Take daily field analysis, examine the water quality, take effective operation and management, and take effort to build a comfortable living environment

Operation and maintenance management of waste treatment facilities

Lots of wastes are released from households and enterprises everyday in Japan, so waste treatment has become a serious social problem.
In consideration of it, one of characteristics of the Plant is to provide the project on recovery and utilization of resources and complete solution.
In order to provide reassuring life for you, we are engaging in improving the incineration equipment efficiency, taking safety as the first matter, and taking continuous operation and maintenance management business in day and night.

Industrial waste disposal facilities

The main treatment way of industrial waste before is backfilling, but it is incineration nowadays which can solve the ozone problem fully.
We are taking continuous maintenance management business on nuisanceless and safe incineration facilities in day and night in order to achieve economic incineration.

Environmental facility maintenance work

Various works are developed simultaneously besides facility maintenance and service including installation, modification, maintenance work, and service of environmental facilities and equipments and machines in waste treatment plant.

Chemical cleaning

Remove the incrustation scale and coal slime on machines, pipes, and heat exchangers in sewage treatment plant, night soil treatment plant, and waste treatment facility by the way of chemical decomposition.
It can achieve effective clean by using safe and environment-friendly cleaning agent to provide friendly cleaning business for the earth, nature, and human.
It is the responsibility of engaging environmental facility and environmental problem, so we are engaging in the solution of global warming, that is, to reduce the CO2 emission.
As a link of it, the Plant is engaging in energy-saving solution by planning and proposing the industrial and household energy-saving system and providing solar power generation system.

Building facility maintenance

Operation and management of electrical equipments, water-supply and sewage facilities, and air-condition devices in a building is a business to support the comfort of the building.
Equipment operators with professional knowledge and skill take maintenance and examination on all equipments, life maintenance management and problem correction of building and equipment according to related laws and regulations.